IDES Survey 10: Table of Contents

  For Survey 10, I was tasked to create a table of contents. I was mainly interested in showing the importance of tools. Not only in the history of art and design but also in the creation of our design history book. I believe that the table of contents is successful conceptually. I highlighted the … Continue reading IDES Survey 10: Table of Contents


Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter of the 20th century. Bold and unapologetic, Kahlo explored themes of loss, femininity, death and self-identity. Her work was extremely personal and impossible to separate from her life full of hardship and suffering.   Kahlo’s creative endeavours started out in her father’s photography studio where she would often help … Continue reading Frida Kahlo

IDES 141 Summary X: Fortune and the Führer

This week was Survey 10, the last lecture! We learned about what happened between 1930 and 1945.. Nations across the globe were looking for ways to survive the Great Depression, technology continued to advance to new heights, World War II started. Throughout these world shifting events, the design world began to experience many changes as … Continue reading IDES 141 Summary X: Fortune and the Führer

IDES Summary IX: Colour theory and Cool type

In the Survey 9 Lecture, we covered the period spanning from 1925-1930. Though it was only five years, much changed in the world. For instance, Germany was rebuilding after the war, Canada’s west coast was developing, Mein Kampf and the Great Gatsby were written, the Bauhaus school was founded, Johannes Itten updated colour theory, Typography … Continue reading IDES Summary IX: Colour theory and Cool type